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Best Commercial

So now days in the music world, artist are expanding beyond the borders of just music. Most of them are starring in movies, or on tv shows. The biggest thing that artist are getting in to are commercials. So lets take a look at some of commercials that have stood out. Tell me your thoughts about which one is your favorite.

Jay-z- HP commercial

50 cent- Vitamin Water (D.J. Whoo Kid is in here)

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Best Dancer goes to?

Best Dancer award would go to? The question remains to be answered, when you think of the best few come to mind. It goes a little something like this.

omarion.jpgOmarion has to be mentioned when you think of the best. Only 21 but still can hang with the best.

usher.jpgThe next person on the list is Usher. He is a proven veteran. He really proved his skills when he faced off against the best that ever done it, Micheal Jackson. Continue reading

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Rocafella Vs. G-unit

rocafella.jpg VS. g-unit.jpg

So my friend and I have been going back and forth about which camp has the hottest rappers, Rocafella or G-unit. I personally think that Rocafella packs more heat than G-unit. With the the addition of Nas and Kanye the camp is full of talent. Also I tell people not to sleep on Memphis Bleek. I understand that Lloyd Banks and Hot Rod are pretty nice but I just think that fifty isn’t enough for them to surpass the Rocafella camp. If we were to do match ups this is how it would go. Of course Jay-z and 50 would cancel each other out, Lloyd banks and Kanye would be the next match up. Kanye has shown nothing but growth album after album. Young Buck and Beanie Segal are the next match up. I think this goes without saying, Beans hands down, I mean lyrically Buck is over matched. Memphis and Hot Rod, I think that Hot Rod would get the best of this match. Memphis and Yayo, hahahaha. That match up goes without saying. Rocafella, the name says it all, The Dynasty. What are your thoughts people?

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Usher’s Boy Group

One Chance A four-member R&B group from Chicago—Rob Brent, Jon Gordon, Michael Gordon, and Courtney Vantrease are the first members of Ushers new record label, US records. You might remember the group from the movie In The Mix. There first single is entitled Look At Her. Below is the music video that gives you a more in depth look at the group and its members. Tell me what you think about it.

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Worst Rapper of the week award goes to?

Worst rapper of the week goes to Leslie Pridgen A.K.A.Freeway from Rocafella. Freeway was never placed high on peoples list when it came to nice Emcees, and after being man handled against Cassidy he has falling further down my list. His first cd entitled, Hot Garbage, lol. Did double wood. Freeway is a perfect example of someone getting on and putting their friends on as well, regardless of talent. His next album is rumored to have producers such as Dr. Dre, Timberland, and Neptune’s working on it so the album should be fire. But seeing as how his first album had Swizz beats, Just Blaze, and Kanye I doubt to see any change. So ladies and gents get ready for another album that you can use to keep your desk balanced because its not worth listening to.


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Beanie Sigel, Biggest idiot in the world?

Beanie Sigel yet again is going to jail. For what you may ask, for stealing a damn rental car!!!!! Philadelphia Inquirer, states that Beanie rented a 2007 Nissan Altima from Payless rental Car Service in Philly on July 23. Beanie was supposed to return the car on August 13, but the police claim he never did. Of course the rental car company continued to charge his credit card and then they reported the car stolen on Sept. 6. Beanie”s attorney, Fortunato Perri issued a statement saying, “Apparently there was some misunderstanding over when it was to be returned or whether or not payment was continuing to be made. We”re now working out a time for him to surrender on Monday.” Anyways, the Altima was returned back to company yesterday, just as the feds went to arrest his ass at his home outside of Philly. O Beanie, Is something mentally wrong with you? Your thoughts.


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50 cent vs. Kanye

article_1095.jpgSo we all know that the battle between 50 cent and Kanye was way over hyped. It looks like the battle of the year was a major flop. We will see what happens in the upcoming months, but it will take a major single from 50 Cent to catch up. Week 3 numbers Kanye West – 133,000, Total: 1,316,000 Curtis- 71,000 Total: 905,000 What Ya Think? The Battle Over?

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Superhead on the Jamie Foxx Show

superheadsmall.jpgSuper head was last heard on Jamie Foxx Show up to her old tactics. Talking about people that she has slept with and highlight talking about how small Shaq Diesel was. Also she talks about her relationship with New Orleans own Lil’ Wayne. Listen to the entire track here on new music located on the right side of the page in blue. Enjoy.





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Throwback Videos

Now when it comes to music, videos play a major role in whether or not a person likes you or not. Follow along with me as I take you back down memory lane with these videos. Which one is your favorite?

-“Nuthin but a G Thang”- Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg

-“Juicy”- Notorious B.I.G.


“Keep Ya Head Up”- Tupac



“Dead Presidents”- Jay-z


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Does she sing better than me?

R&B artist now days are very talented when it comes to singing, especially the female ones. So lets take a look at the female singers and see who has the most vocals.

mariah-carey-05.jpg-Mariah Carey is dubbed a diva, mainly because she can blow. She reaches notes that are so high, most people only dream to reach. Analyzing her career she has stayed constant over the years and have received several awards for her talents.







-Beyonce’ Knowles is regarded as the “complete package” she is beautiful talented and down to earth. Her voice is amazingbeyonce.jpg but she never really gets the credit that she deserves until recent. She has more range then most artist in the game. Three words, strong, beautiful, and creative.



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