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We are back!!!

The long anticipated return of our website is upon us. We have been away for a while but finally are back. Stay tuned for those topics that your love to hear. Please tell friends about our site.


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Superhead on the Jamie Foxx Show

superheadsmall.jpgSuper head was last heard on Jamie Foxx Show up to her old tactics. Talking about people that she has slept with and highlight talking about how small Shaq Diesel was. Also she talks about her relationship with New Orleans own Lil’ Wayne. Listen to the entire track here on new music located on the right side of the page in blue. Enjoy.





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Throwback Videos

Now when it comes to music, videos play a major role in whether or not a person likes you or not. Follow along with me as I take you back down memory lane with these videos. Which one is your favorite?

-“Nuthin but a G Thang”- Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg

-“Juicy”- Notorious B.I.G.


“Keep Ya Head Up”- Tupac



“Dead Presidents”- Jay-z


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King of the South is ?



So many of us have debated who is the King of the South. Only three names come to mind when you talking about this, T.I.P., Wayne and Ludacris. Beef has arose between Grand Hustle C.E.O. T.I.P. Harris and Distrubing tha Peace Front man Ludacris. Cleary Young Money’ own Lil’ Wayne is deserving of the title as well. So this leaves a question unanswered, who is King of the South? Your thoughts.











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