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Top five R&B albums from 2000 on

Lets take a look back through some of the best R&B albums that have been around since 2000destiny-child.jpg

5.) This album was incredible. Most would have never thought these ladies would come together after being on a break for three years. But overcoming obstacles is what Destiny Child does. Destiny Child Fulfilled was a classic cd and this is why they round out the list.

rkelly.jpg4.) Controversy has surrounded him year after year. His music cant be denied, he is simply a genius. T.P.2 was amazing. I still play the album to this day.


3.) Truly an angel sent from above, Aaliyah blessed us with great music, but none better than her album


self entitled, Aaliyah. This album was a classic.


2.) She is held as the best singer since Whitney Houston. Beyonce’ Knowles has the complete package. Her album BDay was instantly a classic.

1.) ATL’s own, Usher, tops the list for best album.usher2.jpg


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Best Beef

So we all know that beef is attractive. Lets take a look at some of the most popular beefs that have taken place in recent years, (These beefs are placed in no order)

*Game Vs. G-unit*

I placed this beef as number one due to the mass “Unit” lovers. This beef was largely lopsided, Mostly because “The Unit” did not want to jab back at Game. I feel like even if they did, 50g-unit.jpg was the only one in the group that was battle tested. Game would have crushed 5o. I know your thinking, wow, look at game11.jpgJefferey, I am sorry “Ja Rule”. Game is battled tested with beef stemming from, Joe Buddens, Young Gunz, and Yuck Mouth. When it comes to the lyrical beef, this win goes to The Game.








*Jay-z Vs. Nas*


This is arguably the second biggest battle ever to exist. At the time, Jay was the top emcee and Nas was still source_nas.jpg considered at the top of his game. The beef was legendary because these were to Legends taken shots at one another. Also what made the beef historic was the close nature that bothjay-z.jpg artist had with each other. On tour early in their career, allow ammo for both artist. Who won this battle? I think jay-z did, because he got way more personal than Nas.





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Song you Lost your Virginity to?

So I have been asking around, seeing what are some of the most popular songs that people lost their virginity to. I got all kinds of titles. Ones that stood out was First Time by IMX, Bump and Grind by R. Kelly, and I Wanna be your lover by G-unit. Chime in and let me know what was your song that you got busy to.

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Somebody Pray for him.

After having some chest pains, Bobby Brown was admitted to a hospital. After a bunch of test, doctors diagnosed him with a mild heart attack. This wouldn’t be that shocking but seeing that he is only 38 years old, this is cause for concern. We all know about the alcohol and drug problems between him and Whitney. I guess now, all those days of fun and games is catching up with him. This is a sad day in the R&B world. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for Bobby Brown. Your thoughts?



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Best Dancer goes to?

Best Dancer award would go to? The question remains to be answered, when you think of the best few come to mind. It goes a little something like this.

omarion.jpgOmarion has to be mentioned when you think of the best. Only 21 but still can hang with the best.

usher.jpgThe next person on the list is Usher. He is a proven veteran. He really proved his skills when he faced off against the best that ever done it, Micheal Jackson. Continue reading

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Usher’s Boy Group

One Chance A four-member R&B group from Chicago—Rob Brent, Jon Gordon, Michael Gordon, and Courtney Vantrease are the first members of Ushers new record label, US records. You might remember the group from the movie In The Mix. There first single is entitled Look At Her. Below is the music video that gives you a more in depth look at the group and its members. Tell me what you think about it.

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Does she sing better than me?

R&B artist now days are very talented when it comes to singing, especially the female ones. So lets take a look at the female singers and see who has the most vocals.

mariah-carey-05.jpg-Mariah Carey is dubbed a diva, mainly because she can blow. She reaches notes that are so high, most people only dream to reach. Analyzing her career she has stayed constant over the years and have received several awards for her talents.







-Beyonce’ Knowles is regarded as the “complete package” she is beautiful talented and down to earth. Her voice is amazingbeyonce.jpg but she never really gets the credit that she deserves until recent. She has more range then most artist in the game. Three words, strong, beautiful, and creative.



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What Are They Doing?

D’ Angelo Mug shotRemember the man who sang How Does It Feel. The video where he was naked screaming at the screen. I know the ladies do. Or how about Brown Sugar. or how about Cruisin’. Classic song that everyone forgets but remembers when they hear is playing. Where have you been? Michael Angelo’s Eugene was last seen getting out a rehab center on the island of Antigua. They say that D’ Angelo was addicted to cocaine, Marijuana, and alcohol. After his release he met up with producers Q-tip and Common and began working on his new album titled James River. Aside from being in the studio working on his album he was also featured on Commons album. The song was fire if I might add. On August 10, 2007 Continue reading

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