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Jay-z Comments on Nas album title

Nas is titling his album “Nigger”. Crazy I know, but I guess this will add a few more thousand to the record sales. Listen and watch what Jay-z has to say about his label mate’s creative title.


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Was O’riley right or does Cam’ron and Dame have a point?

So I am sure you guys seen this but I had to repost it. Cam’ron is on the Bill O’Riley show talking nonsense. Enjoy…

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Best Beef

So we all know that beef is attractive. Lets take a look at some of the most popular beefs that have taken place in recent years, (These beefs are placed in no order)

*Game Vs. G-unit*

I placed this beef as number one due to the mass “Unit” lovers. This beef was largely lopsided, Mostly because “The Unit” did not want to jab back at Game. I feel like even if they did, 50g-unit.jpg was the only one in the group that was battle tested. Game would have crushed 5o. I know your thinking, wow, look at game11.jpgJefferey, I am sorry “Ja Rule”. Game is battled tested with beef stemming from, Joe Buddens, Young Gunz, and Yuck Mouth. When it comes to the lyrical beef, this win goes to The Game.








*Jay-z Vs. Nas*


This is arguably the second biggest battle ever to exist. At the time, Jay was the top emcee and Nas was still source_nas.jpg considered at the top of his game. The beef was legendary because these were to Legends taken shots at one another. Also what made the beef historic was the close nature that bothjay-z.jpg artist had with each other. On tour early in their career, allow ammo for both artist. Who won this battle? I think jay-z did, because he got way more personal than Nas.





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Song you Lost your Virginity to?

So I have been asking around, seeing what are some of the most popular songs that people lost their virginity to. I got all kinds of titles. Ones that stood out was First Time by IMX, Bump and Grind by R. Kelly, and I Wanna be your lover by G-unit. Chime in and let me know what was your song that you got busy to.

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50 disses Kanye

Whats new, 50 cent disses another artist. This time it is Chi towns own Kanye West. At the powerhouse concert in Philadelphia, 50 cent replaced T.I. (T.I. facing charges for buying guns illegally couldn’t be there) unannounced. This video shows fifty with some white glasses on, a tight shirt, and dancing like kanye to stronger. Check it out and give me your thoughts. hahahaha

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Wanye on Jay-z new album?

Ok, now I know you remember the shots taken at Jay-z by Lil’ Wayne. So now Jay-z has placed the New Orleans rapper on a track on his album. Jay-z and Lil’ Wayne, A fan of both artist I have always dreamed that they would collaborate together and it seems like now its finally coming true. What do you think about that?

Here is the Play list for “American Gangstar” (Jay-z New Album) article_1159.jpg

1..Intro 2. Pray 3. american Dreamin” 4. Hello Brooklyn 2.0 feat. Lil Wayne 5. No Hook 6. Roc Boys 7. Sweet 8. I Know9. Party Life 10. Ignorant Sh*t feat. Beanie Sigel 11. Say Hello 12. Success feat. Nas 13. Fallin” BONUS TRACKS 14. Blue Magic 15. american Gangster

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Is the old Jay-z Back?


What happened to songs like “Can’t Knock the Hustle” or “Brooklyn’s Finest”? Well I think there back. With the anticipation of Denzel’s New Movie “American Gangster”, there is even more for Jay-z fourth quarter release. Here is his first music video (Blue Magic) for the album called “American Gangster”. The question that I pose to my readers is, is he back?

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Best Commercial

So now days in the music world, artist are expanding beyond the borders of just music. Most of them are starring in movies, or on tv shows. The biggest thing that artist are getting in to are commercials. So lets take a look at some of commercials that have stood out. Tell me your thoughts about which one is your favorite.

Jay-z- HP commercial

50 cent- Vitamin Water (D.J. Whoo Kid is in here)

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Rocafella Vs. G-unit

rocafella.jpg VS. g-unit.jpg

So my friend and I have been going back and forth about which camp has the hottest rappers, Rocafella or G-unit. I personally think that Rocafella packs more heat than G-unit. With the the addition of Nas and Kanye the camp is full of talent. Also I tell people not to sleep on Memphis Bleek. I understand that Lloyd Banks and Hot Rod are pretty nice but I just think that fifty isn’t enough for them to surpass the Rocafella camp. If we were to do match ups this is how it would go. Of course Jay-z and 50 would cancel each other out, Lloyd banks and Kanye would be the next match up. Kanye has shown nothing but growth album after album. Young Buck and Beanie Segal are the next match up. I think this goes without saying, Beans hands down, I mean lyrically Buck is over matched. Memphis and Hot Rod, I think that Hot Rod would get the best of this match. Memphis and Yayo, hahahaha. That match up goes without saying. Rocafella, the name says it all, The Dynasty. What are your thoughts people?

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Worst Rapper of the week award goes to?

Worst rapper of the week goes to Leslie Pridgen A.K.A.Freeway from Rocafella. Freeway was never placed high on peoples list when it came to nice Emcees, and after being man handled against Cassidy he has falling further down my list. His first cd entitled, Hot Garbage, lol. Did double wood. Freeway is a perfect example of someone getting on and putting their friends on as well, regardless of talent. His next album is rumored to have producers such as Dr. Dre, Timberland, and Neptune’s working on it so the album should be fire. But seeing as how his first album had Swizz beats, Just Blaze, and Kanye I doubt to see any change. So ladies and gents get ready for another album that you can use to keep your desk balanced because its not worth listening to.


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