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Top five R&B albums from 2000 on

Lets take a look back through some of the best R&B albums that have been around since 2000destiny-child.jpg

5.) This album was incredible. Most would have never thought these ladies would come together after being on a break for three years. But overcoming obstacles is what Destiny Child does. Destiny Child Fulfilled was a classic cd and this is why they round out the list.

rkelly.jpg4.) Controversy has surrounded him year after year. His music cant be denied, he is simply a genius. T.P.2 was amazing. I still play the album to this day.


3.) Truly an angel sent from above, Aaliyah blessed us with great music, but none better than her album


self entitled, Aaliyah. This album was a classic.


2.) She is held as the best singer since Whitney Houston. Beyonce’ Knowles has the complete package. Her album BDay was instantly a classic.

1.) ATL’s own, Usher, tops the list for best album.usher2.jpg


October 30, 2007 Posted by | Music, R&B | 2 Comments