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So we all know that beef is attractive. Lets take a look at some of the most popular beefs that have taken place in recent years, (These beefs are placed in no order)

*Game Vs. G-unit*

I placed this beef as number one due to the mass “Unit” lovers. This beef was largely lopsided, Mostly because “The Unit” did not want to jab back at Game. I feel like even if they did, 50g-unit.jpg was the only one in the group that was battle tested. Game would have crushed 5o. I know your thinking, wow, look at game11.jpgJefferey, I am sorry “Ja Rule”. Game is battled tested with beef stemming from, Joe Buddens, Young Gunz, and Yuck Mouth. When it comes to the lyrical beef, this win goes to The Game.








*Jay-z Vs. Nas*


This is arguably the second biggest battle ever to exist. At the time, Jay was the top emcee and Nas was still source_nas.jpg considered at the top of his game. The beef was legendary because these were to Legends taken shots at one another. Also what made the beef historic was the close nature that bothjay-z.jpg artist had with each other. On tour early in their career, allow ammo for both artist. Who won this battle? I think jay-z did, because he got way more personal than Nas.





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