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Rocafella Vs. G-unit

rocafella.jpg VS. g-unit.jpg

So my friend and I have been going back and forth about which camp has the hottest rappers, Rocafella or G-unit. I personally think that Rocafella packs more heat than G-unit. With the the addition of Nas and Kanye the camp is full of talent. Also I tell people not to sleep on Memphis Bleek. I understand that Lloyd Banks and Hot Rod are pretty nice but I just think that fifty isn’t enough for them to surpass the Rocafella camp. If we were to do match ups this is how it would go. Of course Jay-z and 50 would cancel each other out, Lloyd banks and Kanye would be the next match up. Kanye has shown nothing but growth album after album. Young Buck and Beanie Segal are the next match up. I think this goes without saying, Beans hands down, I mean lyrically Buck is over matched. Memphis and Hot Rod, I think that Hot Rod would get the best of this match. Memphis and Yayo, hahahaha. That match up goes without saying. Rocafella, the name says it all, The Dynasty. What are your thoughts people?


October 11, 2007 Posted by | Hip Hop, Music | 20 Comments