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Is the C.I.A. Responsible for Crack in America?

article_1052.jpgJust when you start to feel safe, something like this comes along and takes the security blanket right from over you. Watch and let me know your thoughts?












September 29, 2007 - Posted by | Music, News

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  1. A rapper by the name of Shyne, remember him, said it best in the song “Quasi O.G.”, when it comes to the theory that the CIA is responsible for the crack epidemic.. With that said, I quote, “…what the f*** happened when the CIA conspired to distribute crack in my environment? The roosters crowed. Man, black people don’t own no ports or boats, so tell me how the f*** we gettin’ all this coke? … They know I knew, they wanna sweep us under rugs, hopin’ we’d just be killin’, shootin each other with slugs…”. He is absolutely right. How did coke get into America? In the hood? The places where black people reside. The same way liquor stores and gun stores got in every hood, they want us to kill ourselves (Boyz in the Hood). Trying to whipe us off the face of the Earth just like the Native Americans. Perfect example, anyone remember the Tuskegee Experiments?

    Comment by Real Talk TC | October 2, 2007 | Reply

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