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From 2003 until now the number of emcee has grown tremendously, but the talent hasnt shown through. Here is a list of the top five emcee to grace us on the mic since 2003.

The Game5.) Jayceon Terrell Taylor (The Game) Rounds out the bottom of the list. Comptons finest hit the mix-tape scene and rain as the mix-tape king. His witty word play and “I don’t give a fuck attitude” allows him to take his flow to new heights. The Documentarywas considered the rebirth of the west coast. This CD was incredible supplying you with hot beats and lyrics. His sophomore LP, The Doctors Advocatewas a drop-off from his freshman LP. The lyrics were there but the cd just didn’t seem like it messed. I still enjoyed it but not as much as others. His legendary beef with 50 cent and the entire G-unit staff has made controversy. Its never been one emcee to battle an entire group and destroy them. I dub Game as the Rapper eater, because he had Buddens for breakfast, Memphis Bleek and Yukmouth for lunch, and G-unit as a whole for dinner.

4.) Jamaica Queens own Curtis James Jackson (50 cent) is the forth member of our list of emcees. Diamond 50 Centon his first Cd Get Rich or Die Trying, his flow is nice and timely. Word play is OK but he makes up for that because he spits real stuff. The second CD The Massacre was was a drop off but still was filled with club bangers and songs for the ladies. C.U.R.T.I.S.was his worst CD to me but still had nice vibe to it. I think he would have sold more if he didn’t come out on the same day as Kanye West. 50 cent is notorious for career ending beef, along with turning ancient artist into platinum selling artist. Ex. Mobb Deep, M.O.P. This guy show be called Mr. Versatile since out of all emcees he combines lyrics with creativity in a producers mind frame.

Jay-z3.) Shawn Corey Carter (Jay-z) hailing from Marcy Projects is one of the most deadliest emcees. Jay has given us, the fans years of hits, like Dead Presidents, Big Pimpin’, Give it to me. Out of all the emcees his Swagger is the best. Word play, indescribable, and lyrical content, unique. Jay-z is a head figure of rap, not by choice but by respect. His legendary battle with Nas only proved that Jay is more than just a record emcee. He can battle as well. His most recent LP, Kingdom Come, was poor in quality compared to his body or work previously, but still had some joints on there that made you swing your head from side to side.

Kanye West2.) Kanye Omari West ( Kanye West) hit the scene out of no where. Producer first, rapper second, Kanye has given us three incredible Cd’s. The drop-off from his first to second, second to third was minimal and that’s hard to accomplish for a rapper. Kanye has a unique style of emceeing because he slows down the flow to were he almost talking to us the fan. Hits, many have come from him such as, Through the Wire, Gold Digger, and Stronger. His flow is consistent in quality but every now and then he hits you with a line that makes you say wow. Ex. (Killin y’all niggaz on that lyrical shit Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips) or (Well why the hell you think these bitches coming at me fo’? But since they all fall in my palm, I take a trio Yo.)

Wayne1.) Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (Lil’ Wayne) tops the list of best emcees since 03′. Wayne has unique and creative metaphors that he uses that leave listeners in shock. Considered by most a rap whore, Wayne has collaborated and remixed many different songs ranging from Enrique glaces, to Jim Jones and Juelz Santana instantly making the song fire. People often download other artist songs that Wayne is featured on just to hear him. Weezy brings a certain swagger to any song that he gets on. His growth since 03′ is outrageous. Only comparison that comes to mind is Kobe Bryant. Anticipating the release of Tha Carter III, is already being dubbed a classic. I often wonder why Wayne doesn’t put out his mix-tapes as CD because he would sell. Lil’ Wayne the heart and soul of Cash Money and Young Money Records holds the crown for now.

Now that you see what I think, What do you think? anyone I left off, or shouldn’t be on?


September 28, 2007 - Posted by | Hip Hop, Music


  1. Hmmm.. Now, i could’ve agreed more with a few of the artists that were chosen if this entire list wasn’t so biased. I give Game the number 5 spot. That’ll work. Now 50 number 4? I can actually take that too in some respects. But showing no love to Curtis, now that’s just plain retarted. Making Kanye seem like some record selling god is outrageous. Let’s make it plain and simple, 50 sold more records for Kanye West. Yes, I said it. If Kanye would’ve come out another day, there’s no way in hell he would even be close to platinum in his first month. Not saying his album isn’t good but it’s definately not great. (And by the way, I like the Kanye album a lot). So, with that said, putting Kanye at number 2 because of his recent success in the last 2-3 weeks is crazy. 50 sold more on 1 album than Kanye did in 2. Again, with that said, if you give Kanye the number 2 slot, 50 is definately number 1. Ain’t hatin’ on Jay but he aint dont anything since ’03 that has been that impressive. I like Jay a lot but he hasn’t done anything worth mentioning since the Blueprint 1. And as far as Weezy F. Baby goes, he should definately be on the list. I mean shyt, mixtapes every 2 weeks that are all hot, I would put him there as well. But I would agree wit 50 in the sense that Weezy is a music whore but with the same breath I would say, shyt, he should be. I would want him on my tracks too if he was gunna make it hot. YA DIG. But, in this list, it’s a sad day in hip hop when the number one artist is a homo. Yes, homo.

    Comment by Real Talk TC | September 28, 2007 | Reply

  2. Real Talk T.C. you make a good point but Kanye wasn’t place at number two based on the past two weeks. Consistency my friend. All three of his albums showed growth but still kept the lyrical heat. The beats, well its Kanye I wouldn’t expect anything less than amazing. Now as far him not reaching a million, I will agree I think Kanye may have sold more records because people love to hate fifty but none the less, he still would have moved units. I place fifty at number four because his albums are steadily declining in quality. I think its a G-unit theme (ex. Lloyd banks, Tony Yayo). I only blame fifty. He set the bar to high for himself. After “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” there is no way that he could put something out that could match that, but with that said his latter albums are contradictory to the claims that he made. He shots down Ja Rule for making “popcorn” music but turns around and does the same thing on his next two LP’s. Look at his hits, “Candy Shop”, “Amazing”, “Follow my lead”, “Ayo Technology”, “Build you up”,”all of me”. As far as Weezy being number one, he has done nothing but improve since 03′. His body of work speaks for itself. “Tha Carter I, and II” both fire and “Tha Carter III” is probably the most anticipated album since “Kingdom Come” by Jay-z. There is a reason why everyone wants weezy on their track and its been this way for about a year and a half or two years. As far as him being homo read the news, he is engaged to “Super head”. Yes, crazy I know. Stay tune I will post the interview where she talks about it.

    Comment by chaseme32 | September 28, 2007 | Reply

  3. never disagreed wit weezy being numero uno. i agree wit that 100%. now, kanye, lyrical heat? uhhhhh.. uhhhhh.. havent heard that album yet.. he makes good, consistent music yes. no doubt about it but i personally dont think he sells records based on his lyris prowess. cuz, he doesnt say anything thatll make u scrath ur head and rewind it. i think fans like him (in 2007) for 2 different reasons, its something new and different than hardcore gangsta rap and cuz, he went up against the champ. everyone loves the underdog and like u said, everyone loves to hate 50. kanye is talented in production, very talented, but lyrically he definately isnt exceptional. as far as 50 and his new found pop appeal, everything u said i agree with. he took ja’s style and ran with it and as a consistent never changing 50 fan, im disappointed that he went that way but in his defense he is tryna reach a broader audience.. still no excuse to go lovey dovey on us. but lets not be taken that 50 isnt a genious artistically. (not talking about the catchy hooks). listen to baltimore love thing, piggy bank, im supposed to die tonight, position of power, man down, and ill still kill. listen to his words rather than ur hate. i wont name any tracks he did prior to fame because some of those tracks even put his newer work to shame. be real with urself for a second.. and uh, i have another topic u might wanna look into…

    Comment by Real Talk TC | September 28, 2007 | Reply

  4. Yes Kanye has the potential to hit u wit lyrical heat. Examples in some of the lyrics I placed on the list. His unique word play combined with his different style is what sells him records. The same thing could have been said about fifty. At the time he really hit the scene gangsta rap was at a low. He was something new and different. A breath of fresh air. Fifty’s lyrical heat I would say is equivalent to Kanye’s. every now and then he spits something that makes you scratch your head. For the most part both artist sell for different reasons. I agree with those songs that you mentioned but none of those were singles. The image that he was portraying for the album based on singles is lover lover 50. Theres no wonder why records sells are drastically lower. The quality of the albums are diminishing, not saying that they are not good, just something that is cool and good listening music. I haven’t heard anything on Curtis that I would scratch my head about.

    Comment by chaseme32 | September 28, 2007 | Reply

  5. 1. Jay-Z: He will still murder anyone lyrically even Lil Wayne, yea I said it. And Kingdom Come had a lot of good lines, but no one was expecting a good album like that from Jay.

    2. 50 Cent: He is lyrically underated and is definitely the most talented. He just happened to dig himself in a hole because his first album was a CLASSIC. It’s hard to recreate a masterpiece time after time. Every artist on this list can only go up, but 50 can only go down.

    3. Wayne: Consistency. That’s the one word I would use to describe Wayne. He comes out with a mixtape everyday, and every song is fire. His lines often lack substance though, and he hasn’t really shown that he can make a great song.

    4. Game: He’s really talented and his lyrics are crazy. But until he shows me that he can make a hot song without 50, he’ll stay at the 4 spot. He can’t make a chorus

    5. Kanye: Lets be honest. The whole feud with 50 only helped his sales. Everyone who roots against 50 (90% of hip hop fans) got Kanyes cd. If Kanye came out on a different day, we would all be talking about how Kanye fell off.

    You know what, Kanye shouldn’t even be on this list! Where’s Buck at?! haha

    Comment by marquis | September 28, 2007 | Reply

  6. couldnt have said it better myself quis… everything u said was truth. nuff said…

    Comment by Real Talk TC | September 28, 2007 | Reply

  7. LiL wayne….

    The dude is nothing compared to The Game and Fiddy.

    Comment by LIL NESHAWN | May 17, 2008 | Reply

  8. Thanks!,

    Comment by Ikxivlnr | December 13, 2008 | Reply

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