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King of the South is ?



So many of us have debated who is the King of the South. Only three names come to mind when you talking about this, T.I.P., Wayne and Ludacris. Beef has arose between Grand Hustle C.E.O. T.I.P. Harris and Distrubing tha Peace Front man Ludacris. Cleary Young Money’ own Lil’ Wayne is deserving of the title as well. So this leaves a question unanswered, who is King of the South? Your thoughts.












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Is the C.I.A. Responsible for Crack in America?

article_1052.jpgJust when you start to feel safe, something like this comes along and takes the security blanket right from over you. Watch and let me know your thoughts?











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Who is King?

From 2003 until now the number of emcee has grown tremendously, but the talent hasnt shown through. Here is a list of the top five emcee to grace us on the mic since 2003.

The Game5.) Jayceon Terrell Taylor (The Game) Rounds out the bottom of the list. Comptons finest hit the mix-tape scene and rain as the mix-tape king. His witty word play and “I don’t give a fuck attitude” allows him to take his flow to new heights. The Documentarywas considered the rebirth of the west coast. This CD was incredible supplying you with hot beats and lyrics. His sophomore LP, The Doctors Advocatewas a drop-off from his freshman LP. The lyrics were there but the cd just didn’t seem like it messed. I still enjoyed it but not as much as others. His legendary beef with 50 cent and the entire G-unit staff has made controversy. Its never been one emcee to battle an entire group and destroy them. I dub Game as the Rapper eater, because he had Buddens for breakfast, Memphis Bleek and Yukmouth for lunch, and G-unit as a whole for dinner.

4.) Jamaica Queens own Curtis James Jackson (50 cent) is the forth member of our list of emcees. Diamond 50 Centon his first Cd Get Rich or Die Trying, his flow is nice and timely. Word play is OK but he makes up for that because he spits real stuff. The second CD The Massacre was was a drop off but still was filled with club bangers and songs for the ladies. C.U.R.T.I.S.was his worst CD to me but still had nice vibe to it. I think he would have sold more if he didn’t come out on the same day as Kanye West. 50 cent is notorious for career ending beef, along with turning ancient artist into platinum selling artist. Ex. Mobb Deep, M.O.P. This guy show be called Mr. Versatile since out of all emcees he combines lyrics with creativity in a producers mind frame.

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What Are They Doing?

D’ Angelo Mug shotRemember the man who sang How Does It Feel. The video where he was naked screaming at the screen. I know the ladies do. Or how about Brown Sugar. or how about Cruisin’. Classic song that everyone forgets but remembers when they hear is playing. Where have you been? Michael Angelo’s Eugene was last seen getting out a rehab center on the island of Antigua. They say that D’ Angelo was addicted to cocaine, Marijuana, and alcohol. After his release he met up with producers Q-tip and Common and began working on his new album titled James River. Aside from being in the studio working on his album he was also featured on Commons album. The song was fire if I might add. On August 10, 2007 Continue reading

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